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Our SEO Strategies can help your website achieve higher page rankings and improve your online visibility.

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SEO Strategies

Just as important as having an online presence to help boost your business sales, it's important to have basic search engine optimisation incorporated in your website:

  • Website Audit (for existing websites)
  • Keyword Research Report
  • Website Copywriting
  • Content Optimisation (for existing websites) 

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Website Audits

Is Your Website Working for You?

Get a full analysis of your website visibility and find out why your site is not generating the traffic you want.

A website audit is the first step to ensuring your website is ranking as high as it can for both on-page and off-page functionality.  A website aduit can determine:

  • potential penalties applied by search engines
  • mobile compatibility
  • Well structured and written
  • Duplicate content
  • Site tags 
  • Site design
  • Site speed

If you have an existing website that you would like audited then please get in contact with us

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Keyword Research Report

Attract More Visitors to your Site

Keyword Research reveals potential keywords and phrases relevant to your business and identifies keywords and phrases that are actually being searched for.  

Whether you have an existing website or creating a new website, RoseGold Consulting can generate a keyword report targeted to your audience.

Even though Google, through the Hummingbird update of 2013, has meant significant changes to how search results are generated, keyword research is still a worthwhile component. It is still important to have keywords structured into website metadata to ensure Google (and other search engines) have an accurate understanding of your business.

Understanding Visitor Searches

It is important to get an understanding of what types of queries targeted visitors are commonly using. This understanding will enable keywords and phrases to be identified and to be used in website content and also in your metadata.

RoseGold Consulting can generate a Keyword Report for your website and as a result gain visibility.

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Content Optimisation

Is your website full of R.O.T (Redundant, Outdated and Trivial Content)?

High quality and optimised content is one of the single most important aspects of your website and helps to attract and retain visitors to your site.

Check to see if your website content is:  

  • up-to-date
  • providing useful information
  • giving visitors the information they are expecting

If you answered no to one or more of these, then RoseGold Consulting can help you to optimise your content.

RoseGold Consulting offers the following services to ensure you have high quality content on your website, and particularly on your homepage.

  • organic optimisation (targeting keywords)
  • re-write content
  • new content
  • recommend and create new content pages based on your business (gain extra sales!).

If you would like your site reviewed, or need new content, get in touch with us today!

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Website Copywriting

Don't underestimate the power of your content!

Quality content is not only important for SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) but important to attract and retain potential visitors.

It is important to have professional content for your website to ensure content is:  

  • Unique
  • High quality
  • Well structured and written
  • Social media and online collaboration
  • targeted at your audience 
  • search engine friendly

If you have an existing website that you would like reviewed to ensure your content meets the above criteria, or you would just like some quality content written, then please in contact with us!

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rosegold consulting reviews brisbane

"Chris has done an amazing job with our new website. She knows her subject well and provides outstanding customer service & follow up at an honest price. We are seeing great results already and would highly recommend Rosegold Consulting to anyone!"

Laura Armstrong - Brisbane

rosegold consulting reviews brisbane

"A big thank you to Chris and her amazing assistance in our website creation. Our business needs were matched with Chris' skills and knowledge to arrive at a great end result. Thank you so much."

Kelly McGinty - Sydney

rosegold consulting reviews brisbane

"The response from the new website is really great and has been reflected in our shop sales, lots of new walk in just from the website."

Angela Covich - Redlands

rosegold consulting reviews brisbane

"The whole process of creating a website was actually pleasurable, hassle free and within the time frame we needed. We highly recommend Chris and RoseGold Consulting."

Zuraya Hamilton - Gold Coast